Magic in this world is all the result of intervention by Spirits. This is reflected in each Arcane Background Edge. These Edges must be purchased like any other. There are four basic ways to utilize magic in this world: Blessing, Invocation (Shamanic and Warlock), Shaping, and Witchcraft. Also note that Trollspawn can never take an Arcane Background Edge.

Arcane Skill
Each method has an associated skill: Invocation for invocation, Shaping for shaping, and Witchcraft for witchcraft. Blessing uses skills a little differently, as you will see in its section. You need to take the listed skill for your character’s Arcane Background. You’ll find the attribute the skill is linked to in parentheses beside the skill itself.

Power Points
Some arcane characters energize their powers with “Power Points.” These abstractly represent the personal and spiritual strength required. As soon as you buy an Arcane Background Edge, your hero gets the listed number of Power Points. Using a power requires that you spend a number of these points. Some powers allow you to pay additional points for better effects, and some allow you to maintain the effect by spending Power Points each round.

Characters recover Power Points at a rate of 1 Power Point per hour.

Using Powers
As an action, a character may use a single power by declaring the power he’s using, spending the desired number of Power Points, and making an arcane skill roll.

If the roll is failed, there is no effect, but the Power Points are still lost. If successful, consult the particular power to determine the results.

Some powers have variable effects depending on how many Power Points are used to cast them. The player must spend the desired Power Points before rolling his character’s arcane skill to see if he’s successful.

Maintaining Powers
Some powers may be maintained, as listed in the power’s Duration description. This is a free action. The number following the duration is the cost in Power Points to keep the power going. No new skill roll is needed to maintain a power.

For each power currently being maintained, the caster suffers a -1 to future arcane skill rolls (but not other Trait tests). A witch maintaining armor and charm, for example, suffers a -2 penalty to her Witchcraft rolls until she allows those powers to lapse. She does not suffer penalties to her Fighting (or other) rolls while these spells are being maintained.

A character who is actively maintaining a power may be disrupted if he suffers damage. To maintain concentration of all of his powers, a caster makes one opposed arcane skill roll versus the damage he suffered. If his roll is higher, he maintains all of his spells. If he fails, he instantly drops all of his powers after the attack that caused the disruption is resolved.

A character who is Shaken by non-damaging means (such as a Test of Wills) must make a simple Smarts roll to maintain his powers.


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