Playable Races

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At the bottom of the sentient food chain and considered disposable by every other race, humanity is the most common race in this part of the world. With exceptionally short lifespans that rarely see more than a single century and only a rudimentary understanding of the world’s ways, humanity has much to learn. In trade-off for their short lives, humans are remarkably adaptable and diverse, and a penchant for rapid reproduction means that their nations quickly bloom.

  • Adaptable: Humans start with one free Edge.
  • Diverse: Humans gain 2 additional Skill Points.

The feytouched, or simply the touched, are normal born humans who disappeared as children for some length of time into the wilderness and returned changed. Most remember nothing of their time apart, but time has nonetheless changed them. The most obvious difference is physical age — a child may have been gone for only a day to her parents, but grown in years among the fey who took them. Most are also considered ‘one kernel short the cob,’ or in other words, touched in the head. To prevent this kidnapping, human children wear silver charms of protection which have been passed down the generations.

  • Elan: Some may call them mad, but when a feytouched puts their heart in to something, it tends to pay off big. When they spend a Benny on a Trait test roll (including Soak Rolls), add +2 to the final total.
  • Glamoured Soul: Feytouched begin with a d6 in Spirit.
  • Quirk: All feytouched have something just a bit off about them. They must take the Quirk Hindrance for their race, and may choose to take it a second time when buying Hindrances as normal.

Fiendspawn are the sickly offspring of a human and a fiend. Most are born of a brief, youthful dalliance, for fiends delight in the corruption of innocence, or of an extramarital affair with the alluring fiend. Those born of a female fiend are left as pitiable orphans at their father’s door. Fiendspawn pass for human quite easily, although they always carry at least one birthmark of their heritage. One may smell as brimstone, while another may bear boils upon his skin, while yet another may have a twisted, gimped leg. Their bodies are tortured and weak, but their minds are diabolically sharp and with a natural affinity for pacts and witchcraft.

  • Innate Lawyer: Fiendspawn receive +10 Power Points for the Arcane Background: Witchcraft.
  • Sharp-Minded: Fiendspawn begin with a d6 in Smarts.
  • Uncanny Fate: Fiendspawn draw one extra Benny at the beginning of each game session.
  • Sickly: A fiendspawn’s Vigor may never advance beyond a d6.
  • Infirmity: A fiendspawn must choose one of the following hindrances: Bad Eyes (Major), Hard of Hearing (Major), Lame (Major), One Arm (Major), One Eye (Major), Small (Major).

In order to reproduce, a hag must lay with a male of another race; the hagspawn is the result of that union with a human male, who is usually devoured shortly thereafter. The hagspawn babe is then swapped in place of a stolen human baby (who is also eaten) to be raised by human parents. Only at puberty does the hagspawn’s true nature become apparent.

Hagspawn Males
At the first growth spurt of puberty, a male hagspawn grows brutishly large and develops a hunched back. Soon, his skin takes on the bruised hue of his mother and the white of his eyes turns stormy grey. If he chooses to stay among those who raised them, he can expect little better than the life of a second-class citizen and the law breathing down his neck. He is still entitled to his journey to the Headwaters, however, and may take that as an opportunity to seek out his birth mother to take a place in hag society.

  • Brutish: Hagspawn males begin with a d8 in Strength and may raise it to d12+2 by normal advancement; the Expert and Master Edges may raise it to a d12+4.
  • Low Light Vision: Hagspawn males have Low Light Vision which allows them to ignore penalties for Dim and Dark lighting, allowing them to see in all but pitch black conditions.
  • Outsider: Hagspawn males are watched with great distrust, and it does not help that they look like hunched monsters. They receive -2 to Charisma under most circumstances with humans.

Hagspawn Females
Female hagspawn are the most reviled of all spawn; if they find their mother, they may become true hags themselves. At puberty, they develop as normal girls until they first bleed. That night, a horrific change takes place that hearkens of the hag within. Her features are stretched and distorted in to the face of a crone and every tooth in her head falls out, replaced with twisted fangs. Her limbs lengthen, splintering the bones beneath, and only her hair is left as a cruel reminder of her life before.

Then she awakens — it was only a dream, a warning of what is to come — and is left with an overwhelming thirst for the blood of an innocent. Only those who manage to slake their thirst with the murder of a youthful playmate, sister or rival can delay their transformation. At first, the dream and the thirst will return yearly, but with each new victim the delay is shorter. Eventually, she will need to feed every few months, even down to weeks depending upon her age. Female hagspawn must, however, bide their time until their journey to the Headwaters so that they can seek out their birth mother and, under her protection and guidance, make the change. Those who make the change without guidance almost invariably perish.

  • Commanding Heritage: All hagspawn females gain the Arcane Background: Warlock and begin with a d6 in Invocation.
  • Mother’s Charm: Hagspawn females gain a +1 to Charisma. While dealing with hagspawn males, they gain a +2 to Charisma.
  • Thirst for the Innocent: Depending upon a hagspawn female’s age, she will need to succor herself upon the blood of young girls regularly. When the dream comes, a female hagspawn must make a Fatigue check every 24 hours until she can drink. The first failed roll makes the character Fatigued, then Exhausted. The third failed roll means that the transformation will take place that night.

Trollspawn are the rare result of a troll pursuing a hunger not of his or her stomach, but of their loins during a raid on a human village. Thickly built with slightly sticky green hides, their features look like they have been crudely carved rather than naturally grown. Trollspawn are the most tolerated of spawn, despite their grotesque natures and usually violent conceptions, because it is believed that trolls will not attack a village which harbors a trollspawn, and may even defend it from other malign forces. Befitting of their heritage, trollspawn have nearly insatiable appetites and impossibly strong constitutions. If they can be kept fed and their smell tolerated, they also prove to be incredibly industrious workers.

  • Abjured Hide: Trollspawn receive the Arcane Resistance Edge.
  • Hard to Kill: Trollspawn receive the Hard to Kill Edge owing to their natural regeneration.
  • Insatiable: Even the smallest trollspawn must eat twice as much as the largest normal man would daily, preferably more. When food is in short supply, trollspawn may be driven to irrational greed, even going so far as to kill for their “fair share” — and in this state, sentient flesh is on the menu. Hungry trollspawn must make Spirit rolls each time that a source of food presents itself to remain in control.
  • Fire Phobia (Minor): All trollspawn have an innate minor phobia of fire, and whenever in the presence of a large fire or when threatened with any fire, they subtract 2 from all Trait rolls.
  • Troll Vigor: Trollspawn begin with a d8 in Vigor and may raise it to d12+2 by normal advancement; the Expert and Master Edges may raise it to a d12+4.
  • Ugly: Trollspawn are fairly hideous to behold, and the smell does not help. Their Charisma is lowered by 2, and they are generally shunned as romantic partners.

Playable Races

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