Arcane Background: Witchcraft
Arcane Skill: Witchcraft (Smarts)
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: 2 + Cantrips

Practitioners of witchcraft, known simply as witches, are among the most respected and most feared members of society. They deal directly with the named spirits, such as Old Man Mountain, and frequently take up governmental roles in their communities. Most wear elaborate masks that mark them to others as witches, and which set themselves apart from their lives before becoming witches.

Their magic is drawn from very specific pacts. In return for boons, witches offer service in a spirit’s name. Beneficent witches working for beneficent spirits may be required to see to the planting and harvesting festivals to ensure plenty for spirit and man alike, for instance, while maleficent witches may be required to bring human sacrifice to their benefactors. Whatever the terms, they are ironclad, and all witches know better than to renege on their deals.

Pact: The establishment of a general outline of a pact is part of buying this Edge and should be undertaken with the Game Master. Each time the New Power Edge is taken, the pact must be re-negotiated (or a new pact made with another patron).

Witches who violate their pacts are temporarily or permanently forsaken by their benefactor spirits. Minor violations give the character a -2 to his or her Witchcraft rolls for one week. Major violations rob him or her of all powers for one week. Full breaches of contract cause the character to be forsaken until atonement is had or a new pact formed.


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